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Tru-Balance - Midwest Wheel

Fuel and tires are the two biggest expenses in the trucking industry. TRU-BALANCE Wheel Centering Products were designed to eliminate tire vibration and erratic tire wear and help you cut your costs and keep the profit in your pocket.

Here's how it works:

With hub-piloted wheels, the weight of the wheels rests on the top pilots creating a gap on the bottom pilots. A gap as small as the width of a busniess card creates an off-centering "egg shaped" motion upon rotation. This uneven motion causes increased fuel consumption, uneven tire wear and tire vibration that balancing alone cannot correct. The bottom line is you can't balance an egg.

The patented line of TRU-BALANCE products were designed to bypass the hub-pilots and center the wheels back to the wheel studs which is the true center of the wheel. Once the wheels are properly centered, the result is increased tire life, increased fuel mileage and the smoothest ride possible, PERIOD!