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Tramec Sloan - Midwest Wheel


We at Tramec Sloan take pride in the company’s dedication to U.S. manufacturing. We know that manufacturing here creates products of a higher quality, supports local communities and is the backbone of this country. That’s why we manufacture more than 75% of our products and source components we don’t make from as many U.S. companies as possible.


Tramec Sloan’s in-house manufacturing allows for precise, fine-tuned control over inventory. We provide rapid order turn-around, 99% fill-rate on thousands of line items a day! Custom jobs are no problem either with many of our products made to your specs and shipped out in just 48 hours!


We know the road can be harsh, which is why our products are designed to combat corrosion, stand up to sub-zero temperatures, and reduce downtime. Our high-quality, heavy-duty components are intended to take a beating while keeping you on the road longer.


At Tramec Sloan, value means so much. Not only does it mean great pricing on great products, but also the support of the people and company who stand behind those products. We like to think our customer service reps are the best in the business, and with an average of 15 years of service each, they’ve got the knowledge and experience to prove it. We also offer technical support and training so you can get the most out of the products you depend on. Let us prove how much we value your business!