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Rockwell American - Midwest Wheel

Dexter has rebranded our Rockwell American and Redneck Trailer Supplies distribution branches to Dexter. Additionally, Rockwell American manufactured fender and spring products will be sold as Dexter products, a brand customers know and trust.



To reduce the complexity of Dexter’s brand portfolio, we are rebranding our Rockwell American and Redneck Trailer Parts distribution together under the Dexter brand. We are committed to providing you, our valued partner, with the high levels of service and support you have come to expect from Dexter, Rockwell, and Redneck. Visit www.dexter-distribution.com for more information. 

Rockwell American Axles

Rockwell American sprung and torsion axles are still being manufactured and available through our distribution branches. Visit our product pages or contact us for more information!


Manufactured fender products will be sold under as Dexter, a brand customers know and trust.  For more information on our full line of fenders, visit our product page. 


Leaf springs, manufactured in the U.S. in our 78,000 square foot facility, will be sold under the Dexter brand.