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Roadwarrior - Midwest Wheel

Founded in 2011, Roadwarrior Inc. was launched by the DCL Technology Group, whose unrivaled reliability and innovative emission control products are used in the most demanding environments on the planet, including Mining, Construction and Energy Production.

It all began when our emission control experts recognized reliability problems with new aftertreatment devices first introduced on Class 8 heavy trucks in 2007. We applied the same technology from our core business to solve this challenge, and soon after, Roadwarrior was born with the launch of the very first aftermarket Diesel Particulate Filter (DPFs). Since then, we have launched the largest catalog of aftertreatment parts and are constantly working to quickly bring innovation to the market that saves you time and money. The latest example is with the launch of the first and only efficient aftermarket one-box exhaust treatment system, whose swappable component design will save time and money on future repairs.

As the industry continues to reduce its environmental impact and engine designs get more complicated as a result, our emission control scientists will continue to meet the ever-changing challenges. Roadwarrior will be there to develop innovative and reliable emission control products that control your cost.

Our mission is emissions.