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B and W Hitches - Midwest Wheel

B&W Hitches


It's not just our motto, it's our promise to you.

We're proud to be one of the last remaining hitch makers in America.  While our competitors shipped manufacturing out of the country, we're committed to building our products here, where we can oversee every detail.

We do this because a premium towing product can't be made of subpar materials.

We get our steel straight from the American Heartland, where it is forged in mills we know and trust.

We do this because the best labor doesn't come from the lowest overseas bidder.

Our craftsmen are some of the industry's best and brightest.  They are hard workers and innovative thinkers who push the limits of towing every day.

We do this because we know that what you tow mattersand so does what you tow it with.

We make only the best hitches and accessories so you can focus on the road ahead and never worry about what's behind.